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For orders that are $25 or more, we provide complimentary pick up and delivery. However for orders less than $25, we unfortunately aren’t able to provide pick up and delivery service. As a small business, we have one delivery driver and it’s difficult for us to provide complimentary services for all orders - we thank you in advance for your understanding.


What is Professional Wet Cleaning Technology?

Professional wet cleaning is a water-based cleaning process compared to conventional chemical-solvent-based cleaning methods. The cornerstone of this technology is to determine the perfect balance between water and detergent levels, as well as drum speed. The equipment is individually programmed to gently clean every type of fabric – from robust to delicate – for optimal cleaning and maximum protection.

Our professional wet cleaning technology is a perfect alternative to conventional dry cleaning methods for certain stains and fabrics, given that nothing is better than water. It is a certified environmentally safe cleaning technology. The wet cleaning process is extremely gentle, even more gentle than hand washing, resulting in fresh, clean and soft feeling garments.


What does “ApparelCare™” stand for?

ApparelCare by Aqua Cleaners is comprised of three fundamental building blocks.

First, it represents environmentally friendly apparel care that is better for your garments, better for you and better for the world.

Second, we deploy the best combination of environmentally safe CO2 Dry and Wet cleaning, and Advanced Laundry Technologies using biodegradable detergents for our customers’ precious garments. Our professionals know best how to handle different couture and garment types and provide special attention by using the right choice of cleaning technology.

And third, our state-of-the-art finishing equipment and professional personnel provide for excellent high quality results.


How does your Complimentary Pick up & Delivery Service work?

Simply call us. You can reach us at (650) 917-8400 or at (888) 775-AQUA(2782). Or, you can request a pick up by signing up right here. We are in your neighborhood every day and will arrange a convenient time to pick up and deliver your garments right to your door.


Do I need to be home when a pick-up or delivery service is scheduled?

Nope. We will follow your special pick up and delivery instructions. For example, you can leave your Aqua Cleaner’s laundry bag outside of your house and let us know where our driver should hang your cleaned clothing. We will provide you with a complimentary delivery hanger when we pick up your garments.


What do I do if I have a spot on my garment?

The best thing you can do for your garment is to simply bring it to us. We are professional spot/stain removers. Just tell us exactly what is on your garment and we will take proper action. Do not use over-the-counter spot removers or attempt to remove it with water.


Do all spots come out?

The majority of all spots do come out if removed by a professional garment care specialist. If anybody can safely and effectively remove your spot, WE CAN!!